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With gardening more popular than ever it has become increasingly apparent that greenhouses are a vital component when it comes to getting a better quality of crops. For the serious gardeners, (or the not so serious come to that) Sisonke Tunnels & greenhouses have enabled a higher standard of year round yields due to the growing conditions they provide and the level of shelter they give you from the harsh external elements us South Africans just can’t get away from.

A Sisonke Tunnel is a cost-effective and surprisingly convenient way to shelter your entire growing space. Easy to install, they protect and shelter your fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants throughout the year and need very little in the way of maintenance. Such is the difference the Sisonke Tunnels has made to the lives and yields of growers everywhere that you can often hear them speak of how they will never go back to the bad old days, working in sub zero temperatures with a face full of harsh wind and rain.

For years Sisonke Tunnels have designed and supplied greenhouses to growers the length and breadth of the country. In that time we have learned the needs of both the commercial and domestic grower and have used our knowledge to develop a range of greenhouses that provides a solution to those needs, giving growers a far greater chance of producing superior yields.

We specialise in providing tunnels / greenhouses that remain strong under the threat of harsh winters, meaning that gardeners are free to work in pleasant, warm conditions even when it’s freezing cold outside. Not only that, our tunnels can provide the kind of environment your crops need to thrive, ensuring that yields are always at their optimum levels. For anyone even remotely interested in gardening, it’s the smart move.

Our Products & Services


Produced using greatest steel lines and plastic.

This is the standard tunnel for all spaces, yet in the more sweltering regions extra cooling strategies might be required. The tunnel has a ventilation fold on the two closures.


This greenhouse offers the alternative of more ventilation with ventilation folds and move up sides of 1x30m on each side, making it more flexible in more sultry conditions with 360 ventilation.


Multispan tunnels are various constructions consolidated. They share one design within and are not isolated by plastic between burrows. The advantages of this is that one warming framework can be utilized for numerous passages.


This tunnel is more the specialist or limited scope rancher. It tends to be either be worked as standard or with move up slides. It is effectively moved on a trailer and establishment is additionally DIY.


Net houses and outlined constructions made of steel pipe point iron or wood with polyethylene UV treated net covering. They give halfway controlled conditions by diminishing light power and shields plants from sun harm.


  • 3m x 6m
  • 5m x 6m
  • 5m x 9m
  • 6m x 9m
  • 6m x 12m
  • 10m x 15m
  • 10m x 30m
  • 20m x 30m Multispan
  • 30m x 30m Multispan


The setup of Greenhouse Tunnels from Sisonke Tunnels is environmentally friendly and cost effective for the small & Big entrepreneur or farmer. Our thriving business model services both the domestic and commercial horticultural markets and Sisonke Tunnels has become a household name that is synonymous with quality.

  • Environmentally Friendly 100% 100%

Types of Tunnels

  • Plant Tunnels
  • Vegetable & Fruit Tunnels
  • Tree Tunnels
  • Fish Tunnels
  • Crocodile Tunnels
  • Mushroom Tunnels
  • Multi Span Tunnels or Single Tunnels
  • Plastic Tunnels or Nethouse

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